How to clean your patio or landscape

Every time there is heavy rain, there’s a build up of algae and mold that you just can’t get rid of by scrubbing and rinsing the surface. You need to use something that will work quickly and last long.

We highly recommend using Wet & Forget to get rid of soil, oil, and comparable stains from landscape blocks. Check out this Wet and Forget Review to see how it does an extraordinary job of expelling mold, parasite, lichens, moss, and so on. It was observed that a buyer had a zone of pavers by the side of his home which was in the shade all year and so had a tendency to develop mold and lichens. When he applied W&F, the mold changed shading from dark to caramel shading very quickly. This stuff is thus awesome for preventing “messy” living beings like mold or mildew.

Most people with pavers by the side of their home, which are in the shade all year, have a tendency to develop mold and lichens. Be it moss or mildew or algae; you can remove and rinse anything using Wet and Forget.